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What to do:

 Step 1.

Email us your digital image/s or scanned photo/s - or if you prefer you can provide a link to your uploaded image/s in your image storage facility such as Dropbox etc

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For an obligation free quote, please supply us with your digital image/s or scanned photo/s along with a detailed and exact description of the work you would like us to carry out.

Generally scan-resolution should be set to between 300dpi and 600dpi. For more details on scanning requirements please refer to our Scanning and Printing page.

While payment is accepted in most currencies, we ask that you please nominate which one of the currencies below you would prefer us to provide your obligation free quote in:

 USD - United States Dollar
 GBP - British Pound
 EUR - Euro
 AUD - Australian Dollar

Click here to view our Price List.

(Please add our email address to your safe sender list).

 Step 2.

We email you an obligation free quote, usually within one (1) to three (3) business days.

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In this email to you we will confirm what we understand your instructions to be and provide you with an obligation free quote valid for four (4) weeks.

 Step 3.

You confirm the order.

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If you accept our quote and wish for us to proceed with the work, simply email us a reply to our quote with an order confirmation stating that you accept our quote and wish for us to proceed with the work.

Please note, once you submit your order confirmation you have officially placed the order and it can no longer be cancelled. Therefore please always carefully review your instructions and our quote prior to your order confirmation.

Once we have received your order confirmation, we will aim to complete the work within two (2) to eight (8) business days.

 Step 4.

We complete your request and forward you a watermarked sample copy of our work.

Icon of a watermarked photo

Once we receive your order confirmation we will:

  1. Begin working on your image/s.
  2. When the work is completed, provide a link to a watermarked sample copy of the completed image/s made available for your inspection and approval.
  3. Email an invoice to you, outlining how you can proceed to make your payment. (For information regarding payment options please refer to our Payment Options page.)

This is the stage where you will have the opportunity to bring to our attention any modifications you would like us to carry out, should you feel the completed work does not match your original instructions.

At this stage you may of course also request additional work you would like us to complete. Please be aware that additional work, not included in your original instructions, or the original quote will result in extra charges.

 Step 5.

You confirm your satisfaction with our work and proceed to make your payment.

Icon of an email Icon of a hand holding money

Once you have inspected the watermarked sample copy of our finished work and you are completely satisfied with the restoration or imagery work carried out, you then e-mail us confirming this and proceed to make your payment.

We only accept online payments processed through PayPal. Please note, PayPal also accept Mastercards and Visa cards and in most cases other types of credit cards and debit cards.

Paypal is available in more than 200 countries/regions worldwide.
Click here to find out whether PayPal is available in your country.

NB: All currency conversions are handled by PayPal.

 Step 6.

We receive your payment via PayPal and then forward your completed work.

Icon of the photo with the watermark now removed

Once we receive your payment via PayPal, we shall then send you an e-mail notifying you that your payment has been processed successfully. In this e-mail we will also provide a link to the completed image/s with the watermarks now removed.

You will then have four (4) weeks to download and store the image/s on your own computer or image storage device or other facility.

For more details about payment options please refer to our Payment Options page.